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Kağıthane District:

Ø  This area is considered one of the most beautiful and modern areas of the city, and what distinguishes it is the calm full of beautiful life.

Ø  It is located in the European section of Istanbul, and Kaythane district has become one of the most famous and largest areas in the real estate field.

Ø  The Kaythane area is one of the best housing options suitable for families to settle in, because of its diverse and modern services, and its relatively large green spaces, and the spread of water tables, in addition to its charming view of the Golden Horn Bay.

Project details:

It is a new concept in Turkey, where professionals meet and live privately in 128 modern, fully furnished and ready-to-move-in studio apartments, a common area of ​​about 5.500 square meters in the project to serve the homeowner, where you have plenty of time to enjoy luxury and comfort with hotel/resort-like amenities. And without the hassle of billing and service charges.


Why this project:

• The modern studio apartments in our project come in three different types with distinct floor plans: a large unit, a medium unit, and a small unit.

• This project has been designed in a wonderful way as it has 3 common floors. The first floor is shared and the floor features distinctive amenities.

• The fourth floor is the common floor, which includes a large terrace for co-working. The fourth floor contains private dining areas, two halls with bathroom, and a shared kitchen.

• The last common space is the rooftop which contains a fully equipped gymnasium and a great outdoor space.


Project features:

• This project is characterized as one of the first projects in the co-living system in Istanbul

• This project is the right place for modern and professional minded people

• That is, everyone lives together and separately at the same time in 120 modern studios

• Fully furnished and hotel system without thinking about bills and utility fees

• Homeowners also share a common area of ​​550 square meters to meet their daily needs such as:

Work, play, eat, rest, communicate, exercise.


Project site features:

• It is 1 minute away from the bus station

• It is 4 minutes away from the subway station

• 5 minutes away from VADİ İSTANBUL Mall

• It is a 5-minute drive from the Bosphorus bridges

Room Styles:



Type of rooms

Number of rooms

227.600 $




292.000 $






Project services:

•House keeping

• Co-working spaces

• Private meeting rooms

•Restaurant and Cafe

• Shared kitchen and cooking workshop

• Dining areas

• halls

• Spaces for games and entertainment

• outdoor areas

• Electric scooters, bicycles and electric car rental.


Payment method:

• 10% discount on the price when paying in cash

• In installments: 60% down payment, for a period of 10 months

delivery in 9.2023

Property Details

  • Suitable For Nationality:
  • Sea View:
  • Government Guarantee:
  • Space Start From: 72 M²
  • Recive Date: 01-01-1970
  • Views: 229


  • City : İstanbul
  • Region : Kağıthane

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