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Taksim Square and the Beyoglu neighborhood - in which the project is located - embody an authentic part of Istanbul's history through lands and buildings that tell the history of eras and covenants that rolled over the region and are still writing the present by including the largest unique construction projects, which preserve the past and merge it with the present to draw a new urban model that is unparalleled in the region.
Project overview:
The project is one of the largest in Istanbul and one of its construction projects most reflective of the future of tourism in the city center due to it being the project and the only modern residential complex located meters away from Taksim Square as well as the unique engineering mechanism used in its construction based on merging historical buildings with a modern architecture that maintains distance The historical and past of the place.
The project covers a wide area that includes 9 urban blocks, the highest of which is 6 floors, and includes hundreds of units of different styles. It includes residential and hotel apartments, and 96 library apartments with commercial stores, as well as an area of 16,000 square meters, in addition to an indoor car park that can accommodate 1,000 cars.
Project features
The project is suitable for those looking for the city center and housing near the tourist areas.
The project is adjacent to Taksim Square, which means easy access to all important areas of the city.
The centrality of the project and its location in Taksim greatly increases its investment value.
The historic Taksim area raises the value of the real estate project
Our project gives you a touch of history that you always wished existed between the modernity of the present and its development, which became possible with the presence of our project, where the largest urban modernization while preserving the traces of the past in the heart of Istanbul in Turkey.
Our project adds historical value and architectural modernity to the Beyoglu district with elaborate and clear precision through the details of the project.
Istanbul has continued to draw attention to it by renewing this project and opening new horizons for tourism and the interpenetration of languages and cultures in the best way.
Our project is an integrated project that will change the Taksim area, not only with its offices and residential units, but also thanks to its distinguished location, shops with the finest international brands, and art galleries that will completely transform the area civilized.
Istanbul lovers who love places full of historical heritage and cultural richness will live many new stories and tales full of history and culture of Istanbul in our project project.
Istanbul ranks among the top destinations in the world like Rome, New York and London and has been the center of the world throughout its 300,000 year history.
The project is a new title that carries a new concept of life and investment.

The project is built on 9 plots of land and consists of 952 housing units, offices, shops and shopping streets in a concept that serves modern and social life.
Social facilities:
The feature of the historical place with long standing,
Basic services of surveillance and security cameras
room styles

Property Details

  • Suitable For Nationality:
  • Sea View:
  • Government Guarantee:
  • Space Start From: 104 M²
  • Recive Date: 01-01-1970
  • Views: 227


  • City : İstanbul
  • Region : Beyoğlu

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